The Coilhunter Chronicles
Sixshooter by Dean F. WIlson

Sixshooter by Dean F. WIlson

Series: The Coilhunter Chronicles, Book 5

One land. Six gangs. All-out war.

Nox, the Coilhunter, has spent years culling the number of gangs throughout the lawless zone known as the Wild North, but the numbers keep on growing. Normally he has to gun them down one by one, but every so often the gangs do a little culling of their own.

This time, a tit-for-tat fued has brought two gangs to the brink of war, with four more gangs pulled in from a string of uneasy alliances. The Wild North was bad enough, but these six powerful gangs are about to show bad it can be.

Caught between these six shooters, Nox'll have to use everything he's got to restore the peace. That'll include some six shooters of his own.65

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