April 4, 2013

The Machine God by MeiLin MirandaThe Drifting Isle Chronicles

One thing makes life in Eisenstadt bearable for exiled Professor Oladel Adewole:  the island floating a mile above the city. He’s an expert in world mythology about it, but no one’s ever been there or knows how it got there.

When a brilliant engineer makes it to the island in her new invention, the government sends Adewole up with its first survey team. The expedition finds civilization, and Adewole finds a powerful, forbidden fusion of magic and metal: the Machine God.

The government wants it. So does a sociopath bent on ruling Eisenstadt. But when Adewole discovers who the mechanical creature is–and what it can do–he risks his heart and his life to protect the Machine God from the world, and the world from the Machine God.


The Drifting Isle Chronicles

This unique fantasy series was created by an international team of writers who collaborated to create a new shared world full of original and diverse people, places, creatures, and ideas. Perhaps for the first time in history, a team of writers has written and published an entire series of novels all at once!

Each author wrote their own book in this new world, telling very different stories about very different people living in one fantastical city during the greatest discovery of the modern age. The writers worked closely to weave their characters and plots carefully together, in order to bring you this unique tapestry of steampunk action and fantasy adventure.

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