September 18, 2014

IGear and Romance by Ora Le Brocqn an alternative past, where modern technology exists with Victorian values, Mina Trelawney is caught between demure social convention and the desire to live her life to her full sexual and personal potential. When her parents are murdered by a madman who plans to rule the country, Mina finds her potential stretched to the limit as she battles the chilling schemes and philosophy of the mysterious alliance.

In the fight to the death, who will live to create the future? Will Mina’s individuality or the alliance’s desire for mass conformity and oppression triumph?

Victorian innovation wedded to high technology. Diabolical masterminds, derring-do and sexual experimentation combine in a new type of adventure: Steampunk Erotica.

Rounding out the collection is an adult take on the classic Alice in Wonderland, laced with erotica and steampunk elements. Alice Totti, frowned-upon daughter of the stuffy Lord and Lady Totti, is a young lady hiding in her books and art when she is kidnapped by an insane mechanical centipede and taken to Wonderland.

There she finds a kingdom ripped apart by oppression and mechanization, coordinated by the tyrannical Queen of Hearts and her mysterious ally, the Bush. Will the timid Alice survive her ordeal? Will she find the strength to fight for what’s right? Will she find the strength to simply be herself?

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