Those of us who love Steampunk recognize it’s a genre like no other. When people find out we’re into this particular world, they inevitably ask, “What’s Steampunk, anyhow? Can you tell me?” Usually, I have trouble doing so. I give them the whole Alternate Victorian Timeline bit, try to explain about everything being run by steam, and then—well, I lose steam.

I think that’s because Steampunk means a little something different to each of us. We may favor varied aspects of it: the funky technology, the costuming, the dark edge. Let’s admit it, we read (and write) Steampunk because we’re just a bit off center. Bored with the ordinary. We favor the murky, the dangerous, the wrinkle. The twist in the tail.

That holds true when it comes to our Steampunk heroes. Let’s face it, these cannot be ordinary men.  They must be a little bit smarter. A little better with their hands. A wee bit more deadly or at least not afraid to face the diabolical nemeses poised to crash down upon them. I also prefer them to be damaged. I love me a damaged hero! One who’s faced an incredibly difficult past and, marred either physically or spiritually, has come through with a stronger backbone. An enhanced sense of survival. A willingness to do anything for the cause or the woman he loves.

Jamie Kilter, the hero of my second Buffalo Steampunk Adventure, Off Kilter, is just such a man. Scarred and damaged, can love save him? Or in the end will it all come down to his ability to save another?


Blurb for Off Kilter:

James Kilter has few illusions about himself. Maimed in a boiler accident when young and routinely reviled by those he encounters, he’s no prize for any woman. He’s content working security for a good friend until he sees Catherine Delaney disembark from an airship one May afternoon. Her fragile beauty calls up all his protective instincts. But will she accept a monster as her defender?

Having traded her own safety to save her young sister, Cat Delaney has landed in the hands of a ruthless, wealthy man who intends to use her as a pawn to his avarice. Alone in a strange city, she has nowhere to turn except to the very man hired to keep her from running. Can she trust James, with his ruined face and crusader’s spirit? Dare she give him her heart?


James switched his gaze to the three people who had just disembarked, two men and a woman, and promptly lost all the breath in his body.

They made an unlikely enough trio—one of the men willowy and slender, clad in a splendid suit that screamed wealth, the other broad and squat if also well-dressed. James dismissed both of them almost immediately, for the third of the group gathered all his attention and focused it the way a mirror gathers light.

“That his doxy?” Latham persisted.

She wore one of the new tailored gowns of some thin fabric that fluttered around her slender body in the breeze off the water. Strawberry-blonde hair clustered round her head in a woven crown of curls and even from fifty paces away James could see the delicate perfection of her features. She stood between the two men like a doe trapped by wolves, and something about her demeanor bespoke the fact that she longed to flee. Suddenly James wanted to tear the two men apart with his bare hands, rescue her, change her world. He knew he could do it too; at that moment he could best anyone.

“Nice piece,” Latham muttered. “Wouldn’t mind the job of guarding that.”

And just as abruptly, James wanted to tear Latham apart also, a visceral reaction that flowed from the core of his being outward to his fists.

“Button it,” Tate snapped before James could. “That’s our client, Mr. Sebastian Boyd—one of the wealthiest men you’ll ever meet.”

And with him, James amended in his head, the most beautiful woman he’d ever hoped to behold.


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Which consists of:

  • Book One: Dead Handsome
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  • Book Three: Sheer Madness
  • Book Four: Steel Kisses
  • Book Five: Last Orders
  • Book Six: Tough Prospect
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  • Book Nine: Plague Doctor
  • Book Ten (final book in series) coming soon.


Laura Strickland Bio:

Born in Buffalo and raised on the Niagara Frontier, Laura Strickland has been an avid reader and writer since childhood. To her the spunky, tenacious, undefeatable ethnic mix that is Buffalo spells the perfect setting for a little Steampunk, so she created her own Victorian world there.  She knows the people of Buffalo are stronger, tougher and smarter than those who haven’t survived the muggy summers and blizzard blasts found on the shores of the mighty Niagara.  Tough enough to survive a squad of killer automatons? Well, just maybe.