Hello, steampunk fans! My name is Gus Harris-Reid, and I am the author of the Marshals of Rhea steampunk/techno-fantasy/military sci-fi trilogy (please don’t ask me to pick just one genre…) A big thank you to Coffee Time Romance for inviting me to contribute to their blog!

The Marshals of Rhea is a ‘Gundam meets Game of Thrones’ techno-fantasy adventure featuring mech-riding noble houses in a Mad Max-style wasteland.


Reasons you might like the series include:

  • Multi-POV ensemble cast
  • Rival houses
  • Techno-magic
  • Mech vs mech battles
  • Mechanical monsters
  • Gender-equal, techno-feudal society

Also, you’ll be pleased to know that there is a significant romantic sub-plot that runs through the series, between a haughty young ‘warrior princess’ and a fastidious bodyguard from a different house…

I will be posting further information about the Marshals of Rhea over the course of the day, including an extract from book 1, an overview of the principal characters & factions, and more about wold of Rhea itself. I’m excited to share it all with you!

The series is available from Amazon in ebook, paperback & audiobook form here.

You can follow me on Twitter here, and you can check out my website here.

“As one, for Rhea!”