December 5, 2012

Weird Tales #355: The Steampunk Spectacular Issue by Ann VanderMeerWeird Tales is the original storytelling magazine of the dark and fantastic. This issue: our Spring Steampunk Spectacular features Cherie Priest on her airships-and-zombies epic Boneshaker; an exclusive excerpt from Boilerplate, the biography of a 19th-century robot soldier; an unforgettable novelette from Lisa Mantchev & James L. Grant; awesome cover art by Molly Crabapple; and much more!
  • “Love, Must” by Kurt Kirchmeier
  • “Hungry Ghosts” by Jay Lake
  • “The Gingerbread House” by Kater Cheek
  • “Dedalus and the Labyrinth” by J.M. McDermott
  • “As Recorded on Brass Cylinders: Adagio for Two Dancers” by James L. Grant & Lisa Mantchev
  • – “Book of the Century” – Cherie Priest breaks down the whys and wherefores of a Civil War-era steampunk Seattle.
  • “The Secret Mechanical Man” – Meet Boilerplate, the robot who rode with Teddy Roosevelt! Creators Paul Guinan & Anina Bennett give us the scoop in this exclusive from their new book.
  • The Bazaar – rusty metal giants lurk in the shadow of Mt. Rainier
  • The Library – Jesse Bullington on the vulgar Brothers Grossbart
  • Lost In Lovecraft – the anti-messianic town of Dunwich
  • “Final Flight of the Sagittarius Rising” by Samantha Henderson
  • “Utterances” by Christina Springer
Cover illustration by Molly Crabapple