October 20, 2015

Warlord's Wager by Gwynn WhiteThe Crown of Blood Series: Book 2

An Emperor Obsessed with World Conquest…
…and the warlord who dares to stand in his way.

Set in a world of steam and microchips, nomads and aristocrats, curses and prophecy, Warlord’s Wager is an adventure full of intrigue, politics, and romance, the second book in the Crown of Blood series.

Haunted by a curse dooming him and his empire to destruction at the hands of a prophesied son, Lukan schemes to consolidate his power with a brutal plot to subjugate the empire. To succeed, he needs Axel’s help.

Separated from her love Axel, Lynx fights to conceive the son of prophecy with Lukan. All the while, she struggles to escape from his cruel maneuvers to imprison her.

Far in the Conquered Territories, Warlord Axel Avanov draws breath. When he learns of his cousin’s plan to oppress everyone in the empire, he is forced to choose between allegiance to the crown and loyalty to his conscience. But with the woman he loves caged in Chenaya, gambling in favor of his conscience is not without risk. Lukan will stop at nothing to force Axel’s compliance.

On a board of allies and enemies, tactics and technology, Axel must decide whether he’s willing to risk everything to keep the people of Chenaya safe from the Dragon’s maw.