April 12, 2014

AVerity Hart vs the Vampires (part 2) by Jennifer Harlow Hart/McQueen Steampunk Adventure: Part 2

Keep Calm and Steampunk On

The whole of Victorian London knows there is something not quite right about the Lady Verity Hart. She may be the daughter of an MP and the sister of famed inventor Lord David Hart, but she is a spinster whose own father threatens to send her to the madhouse every fortnight. Because Society is correct-Verity Hart is no lady. If they suspected how quick with a quip she is, let alone the majority of her brother’s ingenious machines were her design, the sale of fainting couches would double.

Verity requires one herself when her beloved brother is kidnapped by vampyres in the dead of night. With the aid of an aggravating, rude American bounty hunter with a secret of his own, Verity takes to land, sea, and even air to rescue the only person who could ever love and truly accept her. Or is he?

Part Two of Five Includes:

Chapter Three- Verity Hart Springs Into Action
Chapter Four- An American Werewolf in London
Chapter Five- Murder on the London Express
Chapter Six- Mr. & Mrs. McQueen Terrorize the Countryside

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