April 3, 2014

Twincy Quinn and the Eye of Horus:  Part 1 by Odette C BellTwincy Quinn Series

Along the dirty, dark rooftops of 19th century London, she runs.

Young, poor, and half machine, Twincy Quinn is suitable. Ordinarily a fine word, in this new era of spinning cogs, glowing lights, and machines, it is not.

In a time when women are relegated to the scullery or the chaise lounge, Twincy must fight. Crafted by an evil genius—Dr Eliot Esquire—day and night she battles him.

With spinning cogs of brass, gold, and steel, Esquire crafts inventions so devious and dangerous he threatens the sanctity of the city, of the country, and quite possibly the world.

Despite her troubles, she is not alone. Together with a band of children who have escaped the clutches of Esquire, she continues her fight.

Then she meets him. Michael F. Stanford. A detective with Scotland Yard, and a man tasked with catching her.

Well, catch her he does. And in doing so, inadvertently embraces her problems, her destiny, and her affections.

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