November 15, 2013

Triton by Makayla YokleyThe Violet Chronicles: Volume 2

Everyone’s favorite Hero Violet Seymour is back for an epic adventure filled with evil scientists, airship pirates, and mechanical monstrosities in this second installment of the Violet Chronicles. Months after the ordeal with the mages ended, Violet is once again petitioned to help another unfortunate soul. A man wants his lover kidnapped from a marine biology station far below the ocean’s surface, and Violet is just the girl to do it. Too bad she doesn’t see herself gaining enough from it to justify the effort– until she’s promised full pardon from any future endeavors. Ex-guardsman Ethan Ardelis and blind mage Aurora Godwin promise to never again include her in their efforts to do good in the world, and that’s an offer she can’t find it in herself to refuse. That and the obscene fortune offered as a reward. That’s helpful too. But how much is she willing to sacrifice when matters are complicated by a twisted chemist, a child prodigy too enamored with love to see reason, and her reputation as a convict and a murderer threatening each step she takes towards her goal? She might want to get an advance on that payment.

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