September 14, 2014

Tooth & Claw by Robert AppletonThe Steam Clock Legacy

The age of steam meets the time of the dinosaurs in this rip-roaring short story set in the aftermath of the award-nominated* Prehistoric Clock.

With everything she owns packed onto her steam-powered penny farthing, nineteen-year-old Beth Rawtenstall is determined to leave the county she grew up in. Her father recently died, leaving her with a struggling farm and no prospects. Even the boy she loves is unattainable—his relatives, the aristocratic Allenbys, have shunned Beth all her life, and she’s finally given up on him.

But she’s picked the wrong day to say goodbye. A giant creature no one in Victorian England has ever seen before is terrorizing the quiet countryside. Her countryside. It’s a predator from another age—one of the deadliest animals that ever lived. But if Papa taught her anything, it’s to never back down from a fight. Especially when the prize is the life of the boy she loves.