February 2012

Tom Horn vs The Warlords of Krupp by Jackson Paul1899. The Wild West is winding down, thanks to people like Tom Horn. Ex-Pinkerton, ex-Indian fighter, ex-gunslinger, Horn has settled down to enjoy the rest of his years in peace on a south Texas horse ranch. That is until New York Governor and fellow ex-Rough Rider Teddy Roosevelt shows up in his zeppelin, asking for Horn’s help in getting his 16-year-old niece Eleanor to Vienna. War clouds are brewing, and Eleanor’s uncanny ability to make peace is needed. Can Tom Horn get her to Austria when the Krupp war machine wants her silenced? Tom Horn vs. The Warlords of Krupp features a fresh, western look at steampunk, and includes cameos by Thomas Edison, the Wright Brothers, Mata Hari, even a very young Adolf Hitler. In the spirit of The Wild Wild West and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Tom Horn vs. The Warlords of Krupp will not disappoint.

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