December 2, 2013

The Winter Throne by Andrew JamiesonThe Winter Throne is set 700 years before The Vengeance Path and is a more traditional fantasy tale than that novels’s steampunk vibe. King Willimund III rules over the northern realm of Osennia but he finds himself at war with traitorous daughter, Queen Bronwyn, who is married to King Havast The Tyrant of the southeasterly country of Cassenia. Captain Yorrisim Renwake, in charge of King Willimund’s personal bodyguard, finds himself drawn into a game of shadows as the king’s Winter Throne comes under threat from a rival threat.

At once exciting, thrilling and surprising, The Winter Throne is a short but epic tale of crucial events in the ongoing Chronicles of Edenos. This short story works equally well as a standalone piece or as part of the progressing series.