May 14, 2014

The Shot by Leona BushmanThe Traincoach of Death:  Book One

In a world where the old remains and is integrated with the new, Victoria struggles escape from those who wish her ill, or worse, dead.

What if the American Revolution never happened? Follow the timeline to the year 2011 where Duchess Victoria is waiting for her birthday to inherit the rest of her titles as well as her fortune. Then her father would lose his control over her and cease sending any more men to try to dupe her into marriage. If she married before she turned twenty-five, Victoria would lose most of her inheritance.

Enter a dashing undercover agent sent by the King of Americas to spy on Victoria’s father. When she meets Bill, Victoria is tempted by him more than any other man. As they travel cross-country via private traincoach, it becomes apparent things aren’t what they seem in ways Victoria doesn’t want to acknowledge.

Victoria and Bill must work together to find the culprit responsible for sabotage and murder, but this is only the beginning. Can they keep their wits before one of them is killed? Join them in the first of many adventures in the steampunk serial, The Shot: Traincoach of Death 1.

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