January 13, 2014

The Scarlet Plague by Jack LondonSteampunk Adventures

A DARK RARE JEWEL comes to light as the STEAMPUNK ADVENTURES series of classic scientific romances switches gears, focusing on a bleak retro-futurist story of death, world devastation and humanity’s rebirth. Jack London’s chilling and nearly-forgotten dystopian novella—THE SCARLET PLAGUE—tells the story of a post-apocalyptic world crushed by disease, slaughter and chaos. If you can imagine Stephen King’s THE STAND as written in 1912, and prophesying the end of civilization in 2013, this would be that story!

Enriching and supplementing Wonderland Imprints’ well-received series of classic Illustrated Master Editions, the STEAMPUNK ADVENTURES series is devoted to reviving the very finest forgotten rarities which were originally published during the golden age of technology. The series explores the origins of retro-futurist elements, such as airships, mechanical men, goggled gentlemen of war, sophisticated adventuresses, gadgetry and weaponry, and global cataclysm. These are the tales of the Age of Steam, the lore of the ornate technology which reigned in a golden future that never was. Above all, this series is focused on telling great Victorian stories you’ve probably never heard of!