January 22, 2016

The Rogue Debutante by Maggie DallenBeau Monde Chronicles: Book 1

A rebellion is brewing and everyone must pick a side….even pirates and debutantes.

Delia Langley has been a prisoner all her life – a prisoner to high society and its conventions. A prisoner to her wealthy father’s overprotective measures. A prisoner to an arranged marriage. In fact, the only time in her life that Delia ever felt free was when she was captured by the much-feared pirate Blackheart and his crew.

Now nineteen, Delia is ready to leave another prison, the manmade “city in the sky,” Beau Monde, where she’s been tucked away, high above London all these many years. Her marriage to Lord Thaddeus Templeton will be announced after her debutante ball, and the wheels will be set in motion for Delia to take her place as a proper society lady. Except she has other plans. Masquerading as Madame X, a French pirate, Delia has arranged to purchase her own pirate airship from the mysterious “Professor.” But her well-laid plan for escape has no room for distractions. Especially not Nicholas Crawford, the dashing, bachelor son of the family that’s hosting Delia during her London visit. He’s ruggedly handsome – and he’s impossible. She doesn’t expect to fall for him, but there’s no denying the electricity that surges between them. A future with him would ruin everything, but her attraction to him is only one of many surprises poised to thwart her pirating plans in this charming steampunk tale.