May 2012

Zelda Pryce:  Book 1

In a world filled with powerful arcane artifacts, a brilliant young inventor leads a thrilling chase across Europe to stop a thief from using the most dangerous artifact ever created.

Zelda Pryce builds beautiful machines that defy explanation and allow her to break into any building with ease. After burgling the Smithsonian, Zelda is hired to test the security at the British Museum in London using her arcane wings and cloak. And that’s where everything goes very, very wrong.

The museum never hired her. A thief did. And when Zelda escapes from the London police, the only thing on her mind is tracking down the thief who set her up and nearly destroyed her career. So she teams up with a charming English riskbender and a daring French alchemist to chase the thief from Paris to Rome, from Castle Frankenstein to the Taj Mahal. Together they must escape all manners of strange traps and supernatural creatures, and only their arcane skills and tools will keep them alive.

Between the otherworldly criminals and the overzealous police, Zelda has her hands full. But if she can’t catch the thief in time, every arcane device in the entire world could be destroyed and thousands of innocent lives could be lost.

This is a world where a Chekhov Gun is a revolver with a mind of its own, a Diogenes Lantern makes people tell the truth, and Occam’s Razor is the most dangerous knife in the world. At least it was, until a mad scientist made a sharper one.

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