September 15, 2015

The Quest of the Prodigy by C.E. SmithThe Alchemist of Time: Book 1

When Mimi Mockel discovers an unusual crimson tome in the public library, life suddenly becomes complicated. Attacked by two Ambassadors of Time, who will do anything to retrieve the book, including killing her, she manages to escape.

Safely back at home with her younger brother Albert, she meets the author of the book: the posh, quirky, British time-traveling thief Sebastian “Bas” Barkley. Things go from bizarre to out-of-this-world-crazy when Bas saves them from another attack by the stalking Ambassadors, and brings them onboard his Bas House—a universe-hopping, time-traveling marvel of futuristic engineering.

Now it’s up to Mimi to save the people of the year 4218 from a vicious world-wide civil war—if she can only believe in herself. With the help of a handsome ginger named Richie Styles, a suave and charming student at the Academy of Alchemy, her confidence is unleashed, and she’s ready to begin her training.

As the Ambassadors close in on her team, tragedy strikes, and now all she wants is revenge. Can Mimi manage to forget everything they stole from her and focus on the mission at hand? Or will her anger and fear get in the way of her destiny to become the Prodigy and master Alchemy…before all of time is erased.

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