January 23, 2014

The Nephele Ship:  The New Capital by Luke ShephardThe Nephele Ship: Volume 3

After a catastrophe that covered half the world in inhospitable ice, a team of treasure hunters finds a lead about a mysterious workshop said to contain miraculous and wondrous inventions that could be worth fortunes.

Captain Austin Strallahan of the airship Nephele is not a hero, under normal circumstances. Faced with a disaster that could wipe life off the planet, though, he has no choice but to take his crew and meet it head-on! In the frozen workshop they met the fire-beasts, who have caused the whole problem. With a little help from an enemy and the appearance of an unexpected ally, they might just succeed in saving the world.

But, will they live to tell the tale?

Find out in the finale of the Nephele Ship trilogy!