August 26, 2015

The Mechanic's Mate by Mikea HowardThe Diesel War Series: Book 1

Abused and on the run, Sadie flees through the woods. For the first time in her life, she craves the blissful silence of nature. Her sire and mate is a monster who hid his inner evil all too well. Her skills as a mechanic now useless, intolerant to the noise and pollution of the city’s diesel engines thanks to her new werewolf status, Sadie’s only hope is the ex-pack of the monster she escaped. But will they accept the dieselhead mate of a rogue?

Domek, the Blue Wolf alpha, has caught the scent of the rogue he’s sworn to hunt down. But he’s shocked to find it attached to a frail, damaged city girl, the most beautiful creature he has ever seen. The desire to take care of her is fierce . . . unexplainable.

How can he protect a woman who has tied the fate of her mortality to the life of a rogue he must destroy?

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I adored this book, it started off with a bang and kept me riveted till the end. The world building was just stellar. It was a diesel world where mechanics and technology threatened the shifter existence, fueling a war that cleaves a rift between the races. The characters, even the secondary ones, were vivid and well-written. At first I was not too wild about the whole Dom/sub, light BDSM going on between Sadie and Domek, but the author made it work fitting nicely into the story, making it totally hot in the process. This story had a bit of everything, an enthralling romance, some twists and turns, a distinctive diesel punk world, shifters and weres, and well-drawn characters.


Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance & More