October 2017

Steam, Smoke and Mirrors:  Book 2

When not performing two sold-out shows every night, Music Hall Steampunk illusionists and consultants to Scotland Yard, slick-talking Michael Magister and the feisty Phoebe Le Breton, must solve the crime of the century, while saving the nation from a conclave of fiendish psychopaths led by the crazed renegade Jesuit known only as ‘The Black Bishop’.

In the sequel to their acclaimed debut in ‘Steam, Smoke & Mirrors’, who dare Michael and Phoebe trust in this dark Victorian world of weird science, conspiracy and the occult?

PANICKED by a satanic portrait painter, determined to disgrace the Royal family… TERRORISED by a deadly gas, primed to wipe out the Government…

With great reluctance, what else can Superintendent William Melville of the Special Branch do but, once again, send for … THE MAGICIANS!

Murder and malevolence, treachery and tragedy – all must surely be inevitable!