December 18, 2012

The Key of the Ancients by ReuterEnter Hazell Harken’s world, a familiar-yet-different world of steam-powered machines, gas lamp-lit streets, and Victorian sensibilities, for a gripping adventure yarn featuring long-buried mysteries, clockwork swordsmen, airship battles, and supernatural powers. Hazell Harken is a ‘metascientist’, a person whose study of the underlying rules of reality allows her to manipulate the thoughts and perceptions of others, and she is a staunch soldier in a secret war against the ranks of callous metascientists who would use their powers to gain
dominion over others.

But there are forces in this battle that even Hazell is unaware of, and a plan is afoot to awaken ancient and powerful entities which, if freed, would prove to be unstoppable. Hazell has the assistance of her mentor, Master Mordane Maghew, the dedicated Doctor Geofferds, and Randolphe Sommerhart, heir to an industrial empire, but her unknown enemy is cunning and resourceful — will Hazell’s strength, courage, and abilities be
enough to save the world from dictatorial domination?