March 7, 2015

The Jesse James Omnibus by Craig Gallant & C.L. WernerWild West Exodus

Honor Among Outlaws is an alternate history twisted through the evil influence of strange, mysterious creatures, the greatest figures of American history battle for dominance and control of a war-torn nation. High tech machines and weapons dominate the land as the world changes daily with each new invention. Amidst this clash of giants, two lone outlaws, Jesse James and William “Billy the Kid” Bonnie, strive for recognition and their share of the glory, struggling for their place on the national stage.

An Outlaws Wrath—The life of Jesse James has not been easy; he has paid dearly for every ounce of recognition and respect he has gouged from a nation torn apart by war. The price may have been too high, however, as the brittle outlaw skirts the edges of madness, driven down a brutal path of vengeance and retaliation by the shadows of his past. A dark presence constantly pulling on his mind drives Jesse to the unthinkable.

Abundant Riches—Jesse James has paid for his place on the national stage by placing his flesh, blood, dreams, and perhaps even his soul upon the altar of his ambition. But even in the depths of his madness, a purpose drove his every move, and now, drawing upon the support of friends and former foes alike, he is finally poised to claim the prize that he has coveted his entire adult life. His journey is set for control of the entire Confederate Rebellion Army and the states under its flag. In addition to the above, there are two short stories – “Origins” and “Outlaw Wrap-up” which provide additional background material and stories on the outlaw characters. Both short stories are by Craig Gallant.

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