The Innovator: Lick, Stick, Pour By La'Ron S. ReadusMarch 18, 2013

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For two weeks, the homeless population of New York City has found itself steadily declining. Unfortunately, such a feat is not because their luck took a turn for the better. They are found days later, dead or close to dying having looked like they were no longer connected to the world.

So why does this interest billionaire software and technology developer Abram Guy? Simple. Because he’s clever.

Clever enough to notice the use of a new drug among the employees of his own company that trace back to the date of the first disappearance. Clever enough to realize that both the exodus and expiration of the homeless aren’t separate incidents. Clever enough to know that both the drug and the deaths are linked, and that the police won’t be able to put it together themselves in time to do something about it.

So he’s going to have to.