October 30, 2014

The Gin Thief by S.C. BarrusEpisode 1: Becoming Scarlet

Yevylin is a foreigner attempting to enter an unforgiving city. Quickly she finds herself thrust into a struggle for survival. After killing a man in self defense and hiding from the law, she must earn her way into the ranks of a notorious gang of women known as Scarlets.

THE GIN THIEF is a steampunk, gangland serial following Yevylin as she rises up the ranks of the criminal underworld, a world rife with murder, revenge, grave robbers, serial killers, and gin thieves.


Victania, the most advanced country of the modern age, is the home of a violent class struggle. While advances in technology have enhanced the lives of the upper class, the lower classes fester. Those who cannot find work in the dangerous factories live in squalor: stealing, conning, and whoring to survive.

In this climate, vicious territorial gangs have erupted from the poverty. Among them, one gang stands out as particularly radical: The Scarlets. Made up primarily of women, The Scarlets have fought ferociously to carve out a piece of Victania they could call their own. Now, in the port city of Sundale, The Scarlets have built a small empire run by a mysterious woman known to most only as The Missus.

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