May 30, 2015

The Gears of Madness by Iain GrantThe Collected Sedgwick Papers

It is 1902. Victoria’s steam-powered empire stretches from England to the stars. The Queen’s Armoured Hussars patrol the æther. British airships rule the skies of Mars. Great British inventors build bridges across seas and connect the cities of the empire with vast subterranean tunnels.

But Britain (and the world) are under threat from unspeakable horrors from beyond. Slumbering gods, diabolic occultists and terrifying monsters from Earth’s past conspire to overthrow mankind and usher in an age of terrors. Only Professor Erskine Sedgewick – the most insightful mind of the age -and his faithful companion Cadwallander can stop them.

Fantastic steampunk derring-do and thrilling cosmic horror collide in this action-packed adventure.

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