November 19, 2013

The First Servant by Mike ArsuagaWhen the past becomes the future.

In the sixty-fifth century, coal and steam have a chokehold on the future, holding a mirror to a past lost in history. When archaeologist Amber Deland finds evidence of a society far in advance of current technology, myth and reality butt heads with corporate control and a society entrenched in unfair and inefficient gender roles.

Hoping to keep the funding to continue her research, Amber barters her marriage eligibility only to find that a newsman, Baden Cartwright, who shares her vision, might just share something more. With risks aplenty, can Baden and Amber face what might happen if they succumb to their passions?

Ancient scripts hint at a parallel love story but can the modern version survive the kind of opposition that power and influence bring to bear against the cultural shocks waiting to be revealed?

What was lost has been found, but no one knows what will happen when the past becomes the future.

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