December 12, 2013

The Deception Engine:  Part Two by J L HeylenThe Deception Engine is a gender-blending steampunk adventure featuring gender-blending hero Phyllida Thorn and her companion, Hilary Templestowe.

Travelling in men’s garb as Phineas Thorn’s twin brother, Phyllida Thorn continues her attempts to destroy Phineas’ evil plans for world-domination using the ingenious Deception Engine.

Phineas only needs one thing to make his plans a reality – the Gemini Ruby.

Phyllida plans on stopping him, but she seems rather more than a little caught up in finding love and adventure instead, with the beautiful Hilary Templestowe as her principal companion in that endeavour.

Will Hilary and Phyllida win the day, and at what cost?