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Apryl: Welcome everyone to The Decadia Code release day event hosted by Coffee Time Romance! I’m your moderator Apryl Baker. We’re really excited to begin. Sitting down with us we have both main characters from the novel:

Captain Valeria of The Emerald Queen 



and Captain Stephen Cross of The Dragoon.


Stephen: “Ex-captain of The Dragoon.”

Apryl: “I’m sorry what was that Stephen?”

Stephen: “I’m not a captain anymore after Val destroyed my ship.”

Val: “Oh my gosh, please come off it already. We’ve had this discussion. I didn’t even touch your ship.”

Stephen: “Well indirectly it was destroyed due to your actions.”

Val: *Rolls eyes and looks to Apryl shaking her head and mouthing the words, “men”.*

Apryl: “Right, well let’s move on before someone gets stabbed. Throughout your journey your paths cross with a variety of… abnormal characters. What can you tell us about your… crew?”

Stephen: “You answer this one Captain, I don’t even know where to start.”

Val: We’ve picked up a few stragglers on our way to finding the lost city of Atlantis. Among them are a:

Dragon Morphling                                                          Medicine Man                                         

Unknown    meditating_shaman_by_jbsc-d3avtug



Stephen: “She’s big on picking up strays if you haven’t caught that yet.”

Val: “And aren’t you lucky?”

Apryl: I sense a history between you two. Should I even ask?”

Val, Stephen: “No.”

Apryl: All right then, well we’re about ready to wrap up the interview. One last question for each of you, if you could describe the story for the viewers in your one words they would be?”

Stephen: “I don’t even know where to start. An epic adventure filled with; air battles, the search for Atlantis and The Kraken. Did I mention we fight The Kraken?”

Apryl: *Shakes her head no.*

Stephen: “Yeah we fight The Kraken.”

Val: “Don’t give away the ending. It’s a story of discovery, family and yeah I guess Stephen is right to a certain point there is a ton of action. I mean we fight a nest of dragons at one point.”


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So who am I? Well, I’m the crazy girl with an imagination that never shuts up. I LOVE scary movies. My friends laugh at me when I scare myself watching them and tell me to stop watching them, but who doesn’t love to get scared? I grew up in a small town nestled in the southern mountains of West Virginia where I spent days roaming around in the woods, climbing trees, and causing general mayhem. Nights I would stay up reading Nancy Drew by flashlight under the covers until my parents yelled at me to go to sleep.

Growing up in a small town, I learned a lot of values and morals, I also learned parents have spies everywhere and there’s always someone to tell your mama on you. So when you get grounded, what is there left to do? Read! My Aunt Jo gave me my first real romance novel. It was a romance titled “Lord Margrave’s Deception.” I remember it fondly. But I also learned I had a deep and abiding love of mysteries and anything paranormal. As I grew up, I started to write just that and would entertain my friends with stories featuring them as main characters.

Now, I live Huntersville, NC where I entertain my family and watch the cats get teased by the birds and laugh myself silly when they swoop down and then dive back up just out of reach. The cats start yelling something fierce…lol.

I love books, I love writing books, and I love entertaining people with my silly stories.


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Jonathan Yanez spent five years after graduating from college in sales and management before he realized life is too short to be doing anything but what you love. He lives in Southern California with his wife where he writes everyday, grateful for the opportunity.

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