October 8, 2014

The Cult by D.J. ChamberlainGlyphs & Runes Book 1

Ritual murder, aerial combat, torture, chases, magic, and mystical trials – The Cult has got it all. This fast-paced steampunk thriller takes you across the deserts of North Africa and back as Joseph tracks a renegade priest determined to overthrow the Empire and bring about the final apocalypse.

Joseph d’Bethel, Diviner of Great Ma’at, is a man with a troubled past. Exiled from his position at court because he couldn’t keep from speaking the Truth his nature as a Diviner enabled him to see, he made a career for himself as a detective in Carthage. When he is summoned to uncover the author of a bloody and bizarre mass-murder the blood-trail leads him into his past – to people and places he thought never to see again; and to old debts.

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