January 1, 2014

The Copernlcan's Nemesis by Gabe BacaSarah Aran has become a legendary force for the Entente during the Great War. Despite the unrestrained horrors the Ax has produced through occult and steam technology, Aran continues to rack up sniper kill after kill, be they human or machine or magic. However, the new mission and and partner forced upon her could change all that. The technology the Ents want her to find and destroy could change the entire theater of war as the Ax grasp at one last desperate straw for world domination: time itself. As Aran heads deep into enemy territory with only a mere techchemist as backup, the odds don’t take long to mass against her. Hordes of radio wave-controlled zombies, fleets of airships with vampire pirates, and blood mages tainted by the dark ones older than time itself…it’s just the kind of challenge Aran considers a fair fight.