July 2012

Zelda Pryce Series – Book 2

In a world where arcane prosthetics can transform a person into a superhero, one young inventor must defy a powerful corporation to protect her clients and to save the life of one very special girl.

Zelda Pryce’s new business of making gorgeous arcane prosthetics is struggling until her hand-crafted arms and legs start transforming her clients into world-class athletes, rock stars, and crime fighters.

But just as she starts to enjoy her success, a chain of strange events threatens to destroy her business and her friends. Her inventions come to life and attack her in the middle of the night, her clients are assaulted in broad daylight, and her best friend is framed for a series of violent crimes.

As the foremost expert on arcane devices in Washington DC, Zelda sets out to unravel these mysteries and protect her friends, but her investigation leads not only to a powerful corporation that wants to ruin her business but also to a young girl with a bizarre secret.

In a harrowing race against time, Zelda uses her amazing inventions and a little help from her super-human clients to uncover the truth about the greatest invention in history and to save the life of one innocent person who will change the very definition of what it means to be human.

Return to Zelda’s world of arcane science where geometers build fantastical devices, alchemists transform the elements on a whim, riskbenders make improbable things happen all the time, and dowsers can find anything that’s ever been lost… including a certain runaway girl.

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