February 2019

Covert Cogs Weird West Steampunk: Book 2

Samanthalia Gast is undercover as a nurse at the Fort Omaha Irregulars hospital to uncover the perpetrators stealing the highly secret medication caromachinapoculum. The formula is what allows flesh and machine parts to meld and turn soldiers who lost limbs and organs in the Second Civil War into troops now known as Irregulars.

Trained by her physician father to be a nurse, and with experience in the surgeons’ tents near the battlefields, Sam is using her own name and background as a veteran nurse while investigating the theft, but she is shy a partner since no other Cog was qualified for this particular assignment.

Major Colter Webb is among the men under her care in the ward, the only officer on the floor. At first unaware that Sam in anything other than she appears, Colt soon finds that Nurse Gast is a woman with talents quite beyond the norm. But she is an investigator lacking backup, which is something he can supply, even if he has yet to truly master the use of his new limbs.

But then it isn’t so much uncovering the thief’s identity that is his goal, but rather death by Covert Cog Case.