August 26, 2013

The Case of the Electric Resurrectionist by David StroupIn the steam-powered city of Sylean Tul, bringing the dead back to life is all in a day’s work for Ander Waeryn, the police department’s Consulting Necromancer. But even this ancient city steeped in dark magick is shocked by the latest sensation: a ‘professor’ who claims to be returning the dead to the land of the living — without the use of magick.

His “electrical” process is like nothing the city’s wizards have ever seen … but the formerly departed don’t last for long. With wealthy, grieving families lining up to pay their fortunes for the ‘miracle,’ the Consulting Necromancer is hired to discover what the professor is up to. His race against the clock will take him from the homes of the bereaved to the darkest corners of the city’s boneyards … and deep into the reanimator’s gruesome laboratory.

What is the secret of the process? What is the reason for the strange, inhuman behavior of the reanimated? And will the conquest of death put an honest necromancer out of business?

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