February 2012

Halcyon  Series – Volume 2

In the wintry wastes of Espana, Don Lorenzo Quesada’s world is falling apart. His fencing school is failing, the military wants him back in uniform, and the entire country is reeling from a devastating war. But Lorenzo believes that an ancient and dangerous relic can restore his nation to prosperity and honor, if the military doesn’t find it first.

But just as he prepares to set out in search of this relic, he receives some unexpected guests. Famed pilot and engineer Taziri Ohana arrives on his doorstep with three frightened passengers, two exhausted crewmen, and one harrowing story about her aeroplane being shot down by the the same military commander who wants Lorenzo in his service and the relic in his possession.

With a tempermental saber-toothed cat at his side, Lorenzo races into the north to find the relic and protect his friends. On the road he finds deadly foreign agents, blood-thirsty beasts, and freezing blizzards, as well as a strange masked woman who can guide him to his sacred treasure. But when the relic is stolen and the military unleashes a massive new warship, Lorenzo must find a way to prevent a war that could destroy countless nations, even if it costs him both the relic and his life.

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