August 2011

Halcyon Series – Volume 3

When exiled Incan princess Qhora Yupanqui travels to Marrakesh, a quiet family holiday becomes a shocking nightmare as an assassin with a burning sword murders Qhora’s husband right before her eyes, stealing not only Lorenzo’s life but his immortal soul as well.

Torn between grief and rage, Qhora sets out to find the killer and free the enslaved souls of countless murdered men and women, including her beloved Lorenzo. To find her prey, she travels across the length of Ifrica to the land of Aegyptus, accompanied by the masked tracker Mirari, the brilliant inventor Taziri Ohana, and the dangerous Italian fencer Salvator Fabris.

In the ancient city of Alexandria, they unravel the mystery of the soul-stealing metal called aetherium and the ancient cult of priests and assassins who not only want to rule the world, but to master Death itself. While Qhora and Salvator explore the hidden mysteries of the city in search of Lorenzo’s killer, Taziri guards the miraculous machine that ensures their escape, and begins work on a new weapon that can destroy the soul-stealing swords forever.

On her journey, Qhora finds the wisdom of an old ghost, the charity of a young goddess, and the savagery of a harpy. But does she truly want justice, or does she simply crave revenge?

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