Monday,  1 April 2013,  1:09 pm
Press Release: Steampunk

Annual N.Z. Steampunk Convention.

When:       2013 April 6th, Auckland, New Zealand.

The AetherCon! The Steampunk Convention returns to Auckland for it’s second year, bringing an amazing collection of steampunks and enthusiasts from all over Australasia gathered to promote and showcase their creations this April at Ellerslie Event Centre.

The AetherCon event was founded by Director, Michael in 2012 with a goal to bring all steampunks together in one location to network, share, promote and wonder in steampunk, no matter their location or level of passion. Now the largest single day steampunk event in New Zealand to date, AetherCon welcomes all steampunks and especially those who have never met the culture before.

AetherCon connects all steampunk societies and committees together to promote a strong and cohesive community that New Zealand can be proud of.

Following AetherCon Auckland 2012, LadySin, assistant director, also brought AetherCon to Wellington. If 2012 is anything to judge by, AetherCon Auckland 2013 proves to be another amazing experience for all of New Zealand, whether or not someone has seen steampunk before, and no matter what someone’s lifestyle.

Throughout the day, Michael and LadySin have planned to provide a collective of vendors with all manner of wares and talents, along with performers for the public to enjoy.  Performances include belly dancing, burlesque, fire dancing and eating, theatrical, and head-line act, Auckland covers band Maskara.

Event details:

Who:  AetherCon Auckland 2013.

What:  New Zealand Steampunk Convention.

Where: Ellerslie Event Centre (the race course).

When: 6th April, 2013.

AetherCon is open to all ages, including children.