December 17, 2014

The Aether Alchemist by Ava MorganCuriosity Chronicles:  Book 4

The Aether Alchemist: A romantic steampunk tale of mysterious wanderers, family connections, and secret formulas

(This book can be read standalone)

New Britannia, 1839: Chemist Miriam Brehane makes aether formulas for a variety of professional uses. She thought that one secret formula, supposedly capable of fueling machines without coal or oil, was a legend, lost in her family’s vaults in far away Ethiopia. But one day, a mysterious cedar box arrives at her doorstep with half of the formula inside.

COIC investigator Armand Torres is reluctant to help the intriguing Miriam find the missing piece of the aether formula. He believes the legendary formula is simply that –hokum and nonsense. Yet when he learns more about the aether’s properties and Miriam’s family legacy, he feels drawn to help her. The two set off on an adventure spanning London and Scarborough to find the formula. But someone else may be after it, too…

Mystery and romance abound in this curious tale of family connections and secret formulas.

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