October 2010

Tristan Satorin, once Admiral of his Majesty’s North Fleet, has accepted the command of a private submersible venture on a mission to recover the treasures buried in the sunken Temple of the Oracle. When the floundering sub is swept into an underwater cave system, he quickly discovers that the sacred temple remains intact, and the beautiful woman sent to meet him has a mission of her own.

Jia has never seen an outsider. Like all of the Oracle’s psychic ‘daughters’, she expects to venture into the modern world and choose a mate for the rite of procreation. She does not expect to have that mate chosen for her by the Oracle herself, or for him to appear in the island’s watery caves as a broad-shouldered veteran of war, still reeling from the tragedies of his past. To save his life, she will betray her own people. To save his soul, she will match his fierce passion with her own.

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