July 1, 2014

Strong Adept by Raven BondMystery & Magic in the Age of Steam:  Book 1

The year is 1884 A.M. After Mithras. On the road to an alternate Hong Kong, a trade caravan arrives at the last roadside inn after nightfall. A renegade Imperial Adept, known only by the name Jinhao, is hiding in plain sight as the chief guard of the caravan. She intervenes in an altercation between the servants of the inn and a traveling British Sorcerer. Owen Strong is a former member of a secret sect and a Master Sorcerer who no longer has any interest in the British Crown’s secretive Obsidian Order. Neither of them knows the forces that stalk each of them are drawing near. Both of them are in terrible danger.

When circumstances conspire to bring their enemies to the inn that night, each must learn to trust the other, or lose all.

In Strong Adept, Raven Bond has created an inventive and highly mystical world, where East and West, the ancient ways and the Age of Steam intertwine. Murder and magic are at the heart of the first meeting of Owen Strong, Master Sorcerer, and the mysterious Imperial Adept, Jinhao.