February 21, 2014

Steel & Sky by Ren CumminsTales of the Dead Man: Book One

The world of Aerthos stands at the brink of calamity, though there are few who see it. And at the center of the horizon event stands the inexplicable key to its salvation or fall: a dead man. Sjora, captain of the airship Lamprey, must sneak into one of the largest of the technology-focused Steel Cities, locate and liberate this so-called “dead man”, even though it is unclear what part he has to play in their world’s future. An already complicated mission becomes even moreso when she learns that this dead man is not only not as completely dead as she had suspected, but that he may just have an agenda of his own. Return to the magical and steam-powered world of Aerthos in the latest series by Steampunk/Science Fiction and Fantasy author Ren Cummins, the Tales of the Dead Man, with book one: Steel & Sky!

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