February 21, 2015

Steamworks in the Bylea by V.C. RemusSteamworks in the Bylea is a tale of a young boy’s struggles in the Victorian-esque nation of Thorton. After witnessing the wrongful execution of his parents, Alistair Métis seeks his king for answers to a never-ending list of questions. However, a lowborn child cannot escape the shackles of poverty to scour cobbled streets while on the run from the law. Alistair, too, was sentenced to die for his father’s crimes. The young boy’s journey spans the unforgiving West. His tale brims with airships, cutthroats, war, mischief and wonder.

Meanwhile, a child-savage lives in the southeast reaches. Below the Bylea Mountains, which separate tribesmen from civilized folk, an unlikely shaman is in the making. Cathan Radha may not be able to hunt, fish, craft, or tame any beasts like his Brothers and Sisters, but within him rests an ancient warrior waiting to reawaken. Unbeknownst to the boy, Cathan Radha is Gares—prophesized unifier of the Glamers. Long ago, fireside songs told of the Gares’s success, of a single banner, and total war.