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A quick word about me:  I’m Kathy Kulig, New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, and I write in a variety of erotic romance genres including paranormal, contemporary, BDSM and romantic suspense. I have about twenty novels and novellas published. I write what I enjoy reading which explains the variety. Before I began reading romance, I was a huge fan of sci-fi, fantasy and paranormal, so that’s my first love. My laboratory background with my day job brings out the geek in me in my writing and occasionally helps with research. At night, I can escape to my writing world. I love it! Want to keep up to date on what I have coming out next and exclusive offers? I invite you to sign up on my mailing list:

Steampunk Disasters –

Alternative Victorian history, fantastical futures and post-apocalyptic eras are a just a few types of steampunk stories that can encompass quite a number of disasters. Whether these disasters are caused by machinery, man-made or natural, they can create troublesome adventures and trials, and also be devastating to the characters. The ones that come to mind are floods, storms, dirigible crashes, steam engine explosions, automatons gone wild, rail trains crashes, fires, earthquakes, mad men who want to take over the world, and oh yeah, in Burned Deep we have a solar super storm.

The Great Solar Storm 1859 – also known as the Carrington Event, a powerful geomagnetic solar storm, the effects that did hit Earth. Okay, the geek in me is showing!

Because of this storm, the aurora borealis was seen around the world, even in the Caribbean and over the Rocky Mountains. I mention the aurora as a means to detect this coming storm.

A few months before Burned Deep was released (May 2, 2014), scientists, energy planners and government officials met in Boulder, Colorado for a NOAA workshop to discuss solar storms and possible perils. Even more odd, because my story takes place in an imagined futuristic Colorado.

In July 2012, a plasm cloud or CME did shoot out from the sun but missed us. If it had hit us, it could’ve caused major telecommunications breakdown. Economic impact could’ve exceeded $2 trillion—20 times greater than Hurricane Katrina.

Burned Deep isn’t hard core Steampunk. It’s a bit of a mashup with Sci-fi, futuristic, dystopian and erotic romance mixed in. But those who have read it, said they loved the steampunk in it.

So the blurb for Burned Deep:  When a devastating solar storm is predicted, Celia escapes her privileged life as a baron’s daughter in the underground city of Threshold to find her brother. Outside on a harsh, savage surface, she meets Ethan, a daring inventor, who offers to help her. Seized by their fierce attraction, Ethan and Celia are swept into a passionate liaison, but soon plunge into unexpected trouble. As the solar storm approaches, Celia discovers Threshold is targeted for takeover. And Ethan, the man who is stealing her heart, is at the center of the planned invasion. How can Ethan promise the woman he loves a future if he doesn’t know if there will be one at all?

EXCERPT of Burned Deep:

“Why haven’t you come by to visit?” Daphne asked Ethan as she pouted her glossy lips.

Ethan let out an inpatient breath. Daphne didn’t wait for an answer. She strutted into the room while he cursed himself for acting like an ass with Celia. What the hell was wrong with him? He’d nearly ripped her clothes off. Had he lost his mind? He liked his women uncomplicated. An escapee from Threshold, with a fiancé, an over protective brother, and the daughter of a baron, didn’t add up to uncomplicated.

He cleared his throat. “I have work to do, Daphne. No time for visiting.” He glanced at her minimal outfit. It was meant for entertaining her gentlemen guests privately. The sheer, slinky chemise showed every curve, every outline of nipple. She stood tall on impossibly high spiked heels. The automaton was built to be a temptress, and that she was. Ethan couldn’t help but be a little stirred by her attributes.

Daphne sighed, lifting her large breasts. “If I wasn’t such a mess, I’d never see you.” The tip of her tongue wet her upper lip. “Want me to lie on the bed?”

“That won’t be necessary.” He ignored the pass. Daphne’s programming for pleasure was situational, not meant to be reasoning. Although at times he wondered.

“Do you want me to step out?” Celia asked.

“No,” Ethan replied.

At the same time, Daphne said, “Yes.”

“What problems are you having, besides the obvious?” Ethan asked as he opened the box and extracted a few hand tools.

Daphne sighed and tilted her head down attempting to look demure. “A couple of leaks.” She slipped her chemise over her head without a sign of embarrassment. The only thing left on was a strip of a garter belt, stockings and heels. She turned around slowly in front of him and shot Celia a smirk. “I think I need my rubies replaced.”

“Her what?” Celia asked, shocked.

“Rubies,” Daphne repeated slowly. “There are plenty from the mines. I’d like a necklace like Miss Bethany’s, please.”

Ethan chuckled. “Your rubies are internal and you don’t need them replaced. It’s what makes automatons so special,” Ethan explained to Celia, then turned to Daphne. “I doubt Miss Bethany would allow you to wear them on the outside.”

Daphne pouted.

“Sit down Daphne. This shouldn’t take long.”

Celia stood and walked over by the window and stared out.

“Where are the leaks?” Ethan asked.

“Mostly steam comes from my nipples. The men are always rough with my bubbies. Honey, do you have that problem?” she asked Celia.

Celia glanced at her and forced a smile, not answering.

“I suppose not,” Daphne said. “Your bubbies are a little small.”

Celia frowned.

“Daphne,” Ethan warned. “Hold still and stop talking.”

“Yes, Ethan.”

He took a wrench and with a slight twist flipped opened one nipple. Wires protruded and steam spewed out. Celia gasped.

“She’s not from around here is she, Ethan?” Daphne narrowed her eyes at Celia. “She’s from Threshold, isn’t she?”

Ethan ignored her question. “I see the problem. You’re doing all the maintenance like I showed you?”

“Yes,” she breathed in a sultry tone.

He stuck forceps inside and tightened a valve, then re-connected her nipple.

“Oh, that feels good,” she moaned, reaching for the zipper on his pants. “Let’s play, Ethan. I don’t mind if she watches, or participates. Maybe I can teach her something. I bet they don’t have sex in Threshold.”

Ethan laughed awkwardly. For a moment, he imagined the three of them, naked bodies entwined on the bed, straining arms and legs, hips thrusting…He gave himself a shake, pushing the thought out of his mind. “Daphne, I think they programmed you to think too much. Now, where else needs adjusting?”

“My cunny.” She said it with such a matter of fact tone that Celia burst out laughing. Ethan was somewhat relieved by Celia’s response. Although this was routine maintenance for an automaton, having Celia watch was intoxicating. His libido was on a runaway train.

Daphne looked annoyed. “Yes, my cunny.” She lowered her voice and moved closer to Ethan. “A little steam pours out, which is distracting and then I can’t have a climax.”

Ethan frowned. “Daphne, automatons don’t have orgasms.”

Celia giggled and held her hand over her mouth.

“I do too,” Daphne argued. “Now fix it. I need to please the clients for Miss Bethany.”

Ethan took out a handkerchief from his pants pocket and blotted the sweat forming at his brow, then stuffed it in his pocket again.  Pull it together. “Okay.” He retrieved another tool, and Daphne spread her legs. A little puff of steam did indeed slip out of her channel. He tried to be professional and not smile. The wrench slipped from his sweaty hand and fell to the floor. He picked it up. “I can fix this.”

He found the tiny latch low in her abdomen and flicked open the inch-wide control panel. With a small screwdriver he, ah, made the adjustment.

”Mmmm. That feels nice,” she crooned.

“Lift your hips a little.”

Daphne stretched out on the loveseat and started rocking her hips. “Oh, Ethan, that feels so good. Don’t stop.”

“Daphne, cut it out. Hold still.”

“I’ll try,” she panted. “Yes, yes. Oh, deeper.”

“Hang on, almost got it.”

“I’m almost there.”

“I just need to tighten this screw down.”

“Ah, yes,…screw…tighter…tighter. I’m so hot. I’m going to come, Ethan. Yes,” she screamed. “Make love to me, Ethan.”

Daphne bucked on the loveseat and groaned, her body shuddering. If she wasn’t having a real orgasm, she was doing a good job of faking it.

Ethan rolled his eyes to the ceiling, amused by her display but a bit puzzled too. Why did Daphne behave like this? Maybe she was defective. He snapped the panel shut and dropped the tools in her tool box. He dabbed his forehead with his handkerchief again. “All done.”

“Well, I’m not.” Daphne looked annoyed. “I was so close.” She reached for his zipper.


BIO: A science geek by day and an erotic romance writer by night, Kathy Kulig writes in a variety of genres from Sci-Fi, paranormal, contemporary to suspense. A New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Kathy‘s books can be dark and edgy, passionate and erotically-charged, but there’s always a steamy romance and a happy ending. Her writing reflects her passion for books and a driving curiosity for subjects ranging from mythology to quantum physics.  She lives in a 100 year-old Victorian house in Pennsylvania filled with lots of charm, creaky doors, and a garage built out of reject tombstones.


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