March 2, 2013

Steampunk Lily and Her Stowaway Engine Man by Anna PattersonThis is a Steampunk Western Romance Yarn for General Audience. In color, illustrated.

Excerpts: So they went out to the barn and saddled up their horses and raced like children after they closed the barn door. She put the horse to its paces, kicking it slightly, with a tight and expert hold on the reins. He admired her and her tight fit to a horse and her blowing hair beneath her cow girl hat.

He followed her, but didn’t want to outride her. The whole point of this day was to enjoy this time with her, and he planned to. So they rode into the hills, all fleshed out with new growth of sapling pine, and green grass and bushes here and there, but perfect for a ride up into those lovely hills with a backdrop of clouds low hanging and moist and blue with rain.