It’s Sherlock Holmes vs. Captain Nemo in an enhanced iPad adventure book set in a steampunk universe.

In an alternative Steampunk universe (c.1885), the plans for Captain Nemo’s mysterious Nautilus submarine have been stolen from the British Secret Service. There is only one man who can solve the case, Sherlock Holmes. With his bionic side-kick Doctor Watson, and his brilliant and lethal sister, Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock unravels a mystery that will shake the foundation of the British Empire.

Steampunk Holmes: Legacy of the Nautilus is an interactive book app with optional audio narrative, illustrated designs of super-steampunk devices (James Bond’s got nothing on Holmes), gorgeous painted illustrations, character profiles, an interactive map of 19th Century London, and a musical score by the fantastic steampunk band Abney Park. The app is sold for $9.99 on iTunes, exclusively for the iPad.

To buy, go to iTunes: Steampunk Holmes: Legacy of the Nautilus.

Steampunk Holmes has been nominated for an Airship Award for Best Fiction at Steamcon, and has been mentioned in the New York Times and complimented by Ay-leen the Peacemaker at for “revitalizing old-fashioned storytelling in new ways.” Here are some other reviews:

“Steampunk Holmes was a joy to read!” –James Floyd Kelly, Geekdads

“This story takes all the wonders of a steampunk world, sci-fi, and Sherlock Holmes and mixes them into a immensely enjoyable action-packed story.” – Scott Wakefield, author

Steampunk Holmes: Legacy of the Nautilus is a fantastic combination of the classic stories from Doyle and Verne…The Steampunk world that is created in this novel is vivid and imaginative.” –Luke Benjemin Kuhns, author.

“Amazingly enjoyable, well written read that meshed the steampunk elements with a Watsonian voice so accurately” –London Fog









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