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Steampunk events for May 2013

May has always been a packed time for steampunk events, and this year is no exception. With the help of Kevin Steil, the Airship Ambassador and our delightful guest contributor “the Mad Sonictist” Veronique Chevalier, we’ve gathered a listing of top steampunk and of-steampunk-interest festivities from around the world. This month includes nine conventions of all shapes and sizes, from a CthulhuCon / film fest for the Lovecraftians buffs to a cruise along the historic Bridgewater Canal in Manchester, UK.

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All descriptions are taken from the event’s website or Facebook page unless stated otherwise.

The Airship Ambassador recommends:
Steampunk events for May 2013Arcadian Clockwork: A Dark Fantasy Steampunk Experience—May 4—Austin, TX Mr. Saturday & Sixpence, your magical hosts for the evening, have gathered together dark powers with clockwork machinations to bring you what will no doubt be remembered as a truly majestic affair. Come and enjoy the mystical and musical trappings of the incomparable: Unwoman, Psyche Corporation, Darwin Prophet, DJ Argo.

Steampunk events for May 2013Victoria Steam Exposition IV—May 31—June 2—Victoria, British Columbia, Canada The premiere steampunk event in the Dominion of Canada is back for a fourth year in Victoria, British Columbia. Where previous years have been encased in palaces of cut-crystal and gleaming brass, this year it’s the gritty back-alleys of the 19th century colonial capital which are brought to the fore—after-hours corners and upstairs dives where the paths of explorers and inventors cross with those of airship scoundrels & duplicitous courtesans. The weekend is wrapped around Alleyways: An Alternative Reality Game / scavenger hunt specially designed for this event—sending the braver of attendees through brick alleys, half-forgotten nooks, and opulent lodges of secret societies in pursuit of treasure-unlocking puzzle-clues. At the Exposition’s old-brick 1909 headquarters there will be merchants, outfitters, panels, artists and authors, speakers and performers, history lections, and craft activities for families.

Steampunk events for May 2013

Steampunk Ocean Adventure (Cottonopolis Coglective’s 2nd Anniversary Celebration)—May 18—Castlefield, Manchester,UK It’s Cottonopolis Coglective’s 2nd Anniversary! To celebrate we are embarking on a water based adventure, steam trains are so 2012. We have hired the Bohemia to take us on a cruise of the historic Bridgewater Canal. Departing at Dukes 92, Castlefield at 4pm, we will cruise from Castlefield-St Georges Island—Pomona Lock—Old Trafford—Manchester United—Stretford returning back to Dukes 92 for a trip which lasts about 3 hours.


Veronique Chevalier recommends:

Steampunk events for May 2013Gaslight Gathering 3—Traveling The Seven Seas—May 3-5—Town & Country Resort Hotel—San Diego, California Why Veronique recommends this: “It’s a charming flight of fancy to stage Southern California’s largest and longest-running annual steampunk convocation aboard the imaginary Zeppelin Rigid Aethership Gaslight, the flagship of the Daedalus Line, whose luxury transport was once enjoyed exclusively by the world’s most discerning travelers. And this year’s Guests of Honor artist Brian Kesinger (creator of “The Tea Girls” and author of Walking Your Octopus), as well as author/John W. Campbell Award-winner and multiple nominee for the Hugo and World Fantasy Awards, Jay Lake, are apt choices to royally regale patrons. (And it just so happens that a certain MAD-emoiselle has been enticed into presenting her signature “Steampunk As A Superculture” panel as well). This voyage over “The Seven Seas” should provide passengers with an exotic array of sights, including a vendors’ bazaar; charity auction in honour of Cancer-Warrior/Hero Jay Lake; and two fashion show/tea parties. Aural offerings shall be provided by locally-based Steam Powered Giraffe, as well as Bay Area Swing Meisters Lee Presson and The Nails.”

Steampunk events for May 2013

AetherCircus—Steampunk Cultural Festival in Germany—May 4 & 5—The Fortress Grauerort, Stade, Lower Saxony, Germany

Why Veronique recommends this: “AetherCircus is Germany’s first Steampunk Festival, held in a non-imaginary Prussian Fortress—“Festung Grauerort”—built over the course of ten years, from 1869-1879. What could be more invigorating for an avid Alt History buff than strolling along the beautiful Elbe River and chancing upon a cultural event featuring costumed attendees, live music, maker workshops, art exhibits, and a vendors market? The City of Stade, in which The Grauerort stands, is now a suburb of Hamburg, and is renowned for it’s distinctive historic district comprised of some of the finest half-timber architecture in The EU. Surely there could be no grander occasion to trot out your modded Maverick and don your most piquant Pickelhaube!”

Steampunk events for May 2013

Up In The Aether—THE Convention—May 24—26—The Double Tree, Detroit/Dearborn, MI Why Veronique recommends this: “With a theme of “Out of the Ashes” and a location like Motown, how could this NOT be a steam-worthy way of spending Memorial Day Weekend? Although the demise of Detroit’s previous Steampunk convention, WSE was lamented by many, its successor shows every indication of being a worthwhile follow up. Offerings are a bit more modest than its predecessor, but it shows at least some modicum of wisdom to start small and then build up to bringing out the bigger names. Quite frankly, booking Voltaire instead of Abney Park as a headliner is not only sensible but commendable. Also, featuring authors Pip Ballantine and Tee Morris is a lovely gesture in the wake of the Goodreads Steampunk Reading List Scandal of 2012… UITA is a volunteer-run, community effort, and as such, their “Phoenix” may still be sporting a few residual, singed tail feathers, but my hunch is once she has the chance to really spread her wings & soar, she will be an annual spectacle not to be missed!”

About the guest contributor: Veronique Chevalier, aka The “Weird Val” of Dark Cabaret, is a woman of many hats. Literally, as well as figuratively. She’s an Entertainer/MC/Panelist who’s plied her trade at steampunk and comic book events the width and breadth of the US. A self-proclaimed “Mad Sonictist,” she’s gained notoriety for her parodies on the theme of Steam, and she roguishly appropriates the tune-age of everyone from the Beatles to Thomas Dolby. MAD Veronique also holds the dubious distinction of originating Gothic Polka, with her recording “Polka Haunt Us: A Spook-tacular Compliation” which was an Official Selection on the 51st Annual Grammy Ballot. She shall soon be releasing a volume of steampunk haiku, with full-color illustrations by Walter Sickert; and she was also the 2012 Recipient of the Steampunk Chronicle Readers Choice Award for “Best Dressed Female Steampunk.” Her certain je ne sais quoi is attributable to having been born an only child in France, to a fashion-forward Parisian mother, and a Lithuanian-American broadcast journalist father. Her full-blown MAD-emoiselleness is most likely the result of having grown up whilst traversing the globe with her parents, where she attended 13 different schools in as many different geographical locales. Veronique’s Website: