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Steampunk Events for June 2013

In June, steampunks worldwide will celebrate International Steampunk Day on the 14th. (And why June 14th? Because that’s when Charles Babbage first proposed his plans for the difference engine to the Royal Astronomical Society, that’s why). Throughout the month, however, there are many shindigs, fêtes, and celebrations going on from Argentina to Ontario to merry ol’ England. Kevin Steil the Airship Ambassador and our guest contributor OctopodiCon con chair Noddy Brothers join me in gathering a list of steampunk, and of-steam-interest events. Extra props go to Noddy for being especially excited about contributing: not only does she offer her Top Three Picks, but added several more to “Additional Events Around the World” section.

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All descriptions are taken from the event website or Facebook Page unless otherwise stated.

The Airship Ambassador recommends:

Steampunk Events for June 2013

Dia Internacional Steampunk—June 8—Buenos Aires, Argentina

Celebrating for the 2nd time in Argentina the International Day Steampunk: We invite you to our event the 2nd retrofuturistic Argentina Steampunk Society! Open to the public, for all those who wish to enjoy and discover a little more about Steampunk and Retrofuturismos, we invite you to enjoy an afternoon with great variety in booths and stage. Everyone is invited!

Steampunk Events for June 2013Second Annual Portland Steampunk Ball—June 15—Portland, Oregon

We are pleased to announce that the Second Annual Portland Steampunk Ball will be held at the Alhambra Theatre. DJs JSIN Wrexx and NoN will be providing music for the evening. Photography booth with: Marie Wilton of Gothic Beagle. Steampunk, Victorian or Sci-Fi dress encouraged.



Steampunk Events for June 2013Steampunk Doncaster—Promenade the Parish—June 15-16—Doncaster, United Kingdom

It is very apt that Doncaster, the birthplace of the world famous steam locomotives the Flying Scotsman and The Mallard, is hosting a steampunk event. Includes a photography workshop, a Steampunk-themed literary symposium overseen by local steampunk author Craig Hallam, film festival, arts & crafts fair, and much more.



Noddy Recommends

Steampunk Events for June 2013

Brass Screw Confederacy Maiden Voyage—June 7-9—Port Townsend, WA

Why Noddy recommends this event: “This is a sprawling event that takes place in several buildings and along the streets of Port Townsend, WA. It begins Friday evening in the Cotton Building in the Victorian Boudoir Saloon for those over 21, and a Silent Auction a few buildings over at the Pope Marine Building, and culminates at the Masquerade Soiree at the Cellar Door a few blocks down the street. Saturday is an extravaganza of merchants, busquers, craftsmen, and contraptions along Water Street of Port Townsend and in the American Legion Hall, with a fantastical Fashion Show held at noon in the Uptown Theater. Saturday ends with a Hootenanny at the American Legion Hall. Parts of this event are free and parts require tickets, so you get to pick and choose your own adventures and the degree to which you desire to participate. How’s that for time traveling steampunk goodness?”

SoonerCon —June 28-30—Midwest City, OK

Why Noddy recommends this event: “While SoonerCon is a general science fiction, fan-run convention, it contains a large element of steampunk, due to its proximity to OctopodiCon’s Monthly Teas and the Junior Sprockets Steampunk Science Youth Group. There will be a few Junior Sprocket programs (The Science of Dr. Who, a Makeshop on making steampunk jet-packs for costuming), and some programming for adults as well among the general science fiction, gaming, and art panels and programming.

Steampunk Events for June 2013

ConTemporal—June 28-30—Port Raleigh, NC

Why Noddy recommends this event: “ConTemporal is an immersive storytelling event, where you can choose to participate as a character, or an observer. There’s much more than just storytelling going on, though, so “observer” is a loosely used term. There are authors, musicians, and artists present to delight you with their skills and keep you entertained and occupied all weekend. If you wish to be a character in the storyline, you can join either the Clockwork Command or the Creeper Gang by registering with their Port Authority. According to their website, the Temporal Research Vehicle lost their navigator, Karma, and the events and storyline this year will be about finding Karma.”

About the guest contributor: I am Noddy Brothers, the con-chair for OctopodiCon, a hands-on educational steampunk convention. I also founded the Junior Sprockets, a science-oriented youth group with a steampunk flair.


Other Steampunk Events from Around the World

Steampunk Events for June 2013The Dandies & Darlings Dance on Frill—June 1—Decatur, GA

It’s a soiree with all the thrills! The Artifice Club presents The Dandies & Darlings Dance at Frill After Dark. We invite you all to attend a fancy frolic at The Marriott Courtyard, Decatur, GA on Saturday, June 1, commencing at 8 pm.Hosted by MCs H.M. and Renfield of The Gin Rebellion, this can’t-miss event includes live music from Denim Arcade, with a nod to our favorite Dandy Highwaymen Adam Ant alongside other retro rock and more, dance tunes from DJ Doctor Q sure to move your feet, and we’ll even toast to the dapper with a Frill Fashion Show! Admission is free with a Frill Registration, $15 in advance or $20 at the door and includes one free drink.

Steampunk Events for June 2013

Victoria Steam Expo—May 31—June 2—Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

The premiere steampunk event in the Dominion of Canada is back for a fourth year in Victoria, British Columbia. Where previous years have been encased in palaces of cut-crystal and gleaming brass, this year it’s the gritty back-alleys of the 19th century colonial capital which are brought to the fore—after-hours corners and upstairs dives where the paths of explorers and inventors cross with those of airship scoundrels and duplicitous courtesans. The weekend is wrapped around Alleyways: An Alternative Reality Game / scavenger hunt specially designed for this event—sending the braver of attendees through brick alleys, half-forgotten nooks, and opulent lodges of secret societies in pursuit of treasure-unlocking puzzle-clues. At the Exposition’s old-brick 1909 headquarters there will be merchants, outfitters, panels, artists and authors, speakers and performers, history lections, and craft activities for families.

The Great Steampunk Affaire presents “A Diplomatic Incident”—June 7—Government House Ballroom, Perth, Western Australia.

An evening of Diplomatic Intrigue, Murderous Ambassadorial Mystery, Political Manoeuvring, Great Game internecine finagling and Escaped Imperial Gift Pandas await the attendees. This promises to be an Evening to Remember. Remember, that is, if you and your Nation survive the jostling for power… Aviatrixes, Flaneurs, Explorers, Inventors, Raconteurs, Victorian Goths, Diesel punks, Tea Merchants, Aether Telecommunications Specialists, Languid Limbed Edwardian Ennui-ists, Gruff Georgian Real Admirals, Sellers of Moustache Wax and Ladies Unmentionables… come one, come all!

Steampunk Events for June 2013

Steampunk: Gadgets—Art—Costumes—Open June 8—September 8—Oshkosh Public Museum, Oshkosh Wisconsin

The Oshkosh Public Museum is exploring the fantastical world of Steampunk this summer as we showcase the marvelous gadgets, stunning artwork, and elaborate costumes created by artists and fans of this exotic sub-culture. Think Jules Verne and H.G. Wells inspired goggles and ray guns combined with what a Victorian lady would wear while traveling to the moon.

Steampunk Events for June 2013

Hypericon—June 14-16—Nashville, TN

What Noddy Says: “There’s not a lot of information about this event this year, but they have an intriguing steampunk picture of a hot air balloon on their page… so maybe they will have some exciting steampunk programming! In past years, Hypericon has been a speculative fiction fan-oriented convention, with educational and entertaining panels, a masquerade, artists, authors, a dealer’s room, gaming, and hospitality suite.”

Steampunk Events for June 2013

Toronto Steampunk Society 5th Anniversary Picnic—June 15—Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Celebrating five fun years of the TSS. Check out their Facebook event for further details.

Steampunk Events for June 2013

Ancient City Con—June 21-23—Jacksonville, FL

What Noddy Says: “This is a general science fiction convention that has added a steampunk track—everything from “What is Steampunk” to robots, with stops at steampunk leatherworking and costuming, and jewelry, gadgets, and history and mannerisms. If you’re new to steampunk and want just a little taste of it to see if you like it, attending a general convention with a steampunk track is definitely the way to go!”


Steampunk Events for June 2013

Steam on Queen—June 22—Toronto, Ontario, Canada

What Noddy Says: “Steam on Queen is a one-day street fair in Toronto with—get this—free admission! It is being held around Campbell House, with refreshments available inside Campbell House. It’s on Queen Street, with performers and merchants of steampunk.”

Steampunk Events for June 2013

Steampunk Solstice—June 28-30—Matlock Bath, Derbyshire, United Kingdom

Full weekend evening entertainment Ticket for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. A List of ticket purchases will be on the Reception, as will a gift for all Online ticket buyers. With Stalls/Market and much more. From 4 pm Friday and 11am Saturday and Sunday, bands from 18:00 till 23:00 every day. Featuring performing artist Gladstone, BB BlackDog, Birthrite, Metropolis, Whiskey Bob Shaker, Crimson Clocks,Jezebel Steele Burlesque and Jollity, Satnams Tash, Mike Burro, DH Lawrence and the Vaudeville Skiffle Show, The Black Vines, and one more big announcement to come.