November 1, 2013

Steampunk Erotica Collection by Harry LimeThis collection of steampunk erotica is the first volume of steampunk published by Harry Lime in a genre that has continued to spur reader’s interest and has proven to be more than a passing fad. Each of these short stories is comprised of two to four stand-alone chapters and can be read one chapter at a time for lasting enjoyment. Easy to download and each segment can be read in a matter of moments for mobile readers on the go.

STORY 1…THE SECRET MACHINE OF DOCTOR ZERO.  This story begins with an erotic encounter on the foggy streets of London and moves to the laboratories of the mysterious Doctor Zero. The good doctor is hard at work perfecting his newest time machine with the help of his beautiful laboratory assistant. The kinky appetites of the doctor are well-known and he always finds time to train new female workers. The first time-travel journey is to the early days of the Roman Empire and the visitors are treated to an authentic Roman orgy. The young adventurers are excited with the success of the contraption and they all wonder where the next journey will lead them.

STORY 2…WORMHOLES ARE A SERIOUS BUSINESS. Solar flares, fiber optic transmission and now the conduit of parallel universes with wormhole hyperspace travel. The beautiful scientist is blind to the covert activities of the Chinese female agent who has managed to get into her heart and into her bed. The dangers of travel to other worlds are tame in comparison to the drama of a human love triangle. No matter what the result, someone is bound to get their feelings hurt.

STORY 3…THE SEARCH FOR ATLANTIS. It just didn’t seem possible that the lost continent of Atlantic and the mysterious city of gold was located this far north of the Equator. The charts did not lie and the underwater explorers make the journey to the final frontier of the ocean’s depths. Giant squid, 50 foot long fish that see in the dark and other creatures dubbed “monsters of the deep” keep the explorers on the edge of their sanity and on the edge of the fearsome ravines that sink into the depths of the murky unknown.

STORY 4…REBECCA DISCOVERS THE TEMPLE OF THE VESTAL VIRGINS. She is a professional “digger”, an archaeologist who never admits defeat. Now she is on her most dangerous search. She is searching for the Lost Temple of the Vestal Virgins and believes she has found it in the most innocuous of places. Far beneath the surface of the simple ruins, she discovers the staircase to the hidden temple. The question is…has she made the discovery of the ages, or has she sealed her own doom in the enactment of an ancient curse?