October 21, 2014

Steamburo by Victor BruneskiBritain has built the largest empire in the world, largely due to new inventions run by steam power. Friends and foes alike seek to knock it off its perch and take its spot as the number one imperial power. However, the British Empire has an unbeatable weapon in the form of their top engineer; the reclusive Steamburo. In a world of airships, rocket packs, and ray guns, it will take more than luck to keep Britain on top, and Steamburo is just the person to do it.

Robin Foley is a young man chased from his own country. He arrives in London, to find a city unlike any he has seen before. But for every wonder, there is a danger around the corner. Sky Pirates, sea monsters, flying terrorists and foreign spies become the least of his problems when he is chosen as an assistant to the Great Steamburo!