January 2011

Love Beyond all Dimensions 3

Mariah’s simple Victorian life is turned upside down when Mac materializes out of nowhere and presents her with a gold gramophone disc—Time Travelers. The moment she cranks the handle and hears his voice, she spirals into the past, and her heart is fully captured. She quickly discovers what Mac knows—they are soul mates with a long, passionate history.

What she doesn’t know is the disc is a trap. Mac’s bigger plan is to lure her back to California. His ultimate invention, a time machine, awaits her. Without her he cannot go forward in time, only back. Mariah understands his adventurous spirit, but her needs this lifetime are simple—to love and be loved without drama.

Climb aboard and indulge in a world of locomotives, steam-powered sex toys, and, of course, romance. Because when all is said and done and the steam clears, what’s left is so very simple—true love.

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